Self-catering with Canines

Self-catering accommodations are a wonderful way to spend a holiday in Ireland, with some beautiful properties available in wonderful locations across the country, you can spend your holiday at your own pace with the homely comforts of a country cottage, chalet, house or maybe even a log cabin. Self-catering gives you a sense of freedom, especially when it comes to things such as meals, living areas and bringing the family pet along for a holiday aswell! With self-catering holidays in pet-friendly accommodation, it will be like a home from home with the whole gang along for the trip!

Ireland has some of the most beautiful countryside landscapes in the world and who better to enjoy them with than your family dog! With plenty to see, smell and explore both your dog and you will have a fantastic time discovering the wonders of the Irish countryside and coast. Your pup will feel like hes in paradise as you take a stroll around some of the most beautiful rural settings in the world with no chance of you or him getting bored, tired maybe, but not bored.To discover some of these wonderful sights and appreciate the scenery that Ireland has to offer, it is a good idea if your taking a pet-friendly self-catering holiday to stay near a National Park, that way you get to experience the best that Ireland has to offer whilst your exercising your furry friend.

Some of the main national parks that you are welcome to walk your dog in are:


Ballycroy National Park is a fantastic park on the west coast of Ireland, you can discover plant and bird nature trails around the park as well as hill walking. Although it is instructed that you keep any dogs on a leash when walking in the park, your pet will still have a great time investigating new smells as enjoying the change of scenery.

Burren National Park is situated in the South east corner of Ireland and is around 1500 hectares. The park consists of a large amount of exposed limestone and is therefore named after the Irish word “BoĆ­reann” which means ‘rocky place’. The rock however is extremely fertile and is home to much plant life and floral species. Dogs are welcome in the park however you are expected to not only clean up after them but keep them under control so that no wildlife or visitors are disturbed.

Connemara National Park is found in the county Galway and is 2,957 hectares of mountains, bogs, heaths, grasslands and woodlands. This park is an especially good park to visit with the family, home to connemara ponies, a children’s playground, amazing picnic spots and a quaint tearoom you can enjoy a beautiful day out. The diamond hill walks might even wear the dog and the kids out before you return to your cosy country cottage.

Killarney National Park is best discovered either on foot or bike and with surfaced tracks leading you around the park it couldn’t be easier to enjoy a stroll or cycle. There are plenty of low level walks that would be perfect for exercising the dog without being too much strain on you or him and for the rest of the family there is the opportunity to take a pony trek around the park. If you looking for a bit of romance on your trip then maybe a wonderful boat trip is for you to Innisfallen Island on the Lower Lake or Dinis Cottage on the Middle Lake. There are also plenty of attractions to visit.

Glenveagh National Park is in the heart of the Derryveagh mountains in the north west of county Donegal. Described as a ‘remote and hauntingly beautiful wilderness’ there is plenty to discover and enjoy. The park is over 16,000 hectares with many guided walks and a Nature and outdoor learning centre. Dogs are welcome in the park but are to be kept of a lead and strictly cleaned up after, they are also not allowed on the park buses.

Finally Wicklow Mountains National Park can be found on the doorstep of Dublin in the upland mountain scenery, it consists of 20,000 hectares of wilderness. Glendalough is the most popular part of the park for visitors, it is home to several sites of interest and is a great valley that stretches for over 3 km! With walking, watersports, climbing, hunting, fishing and the opportunity to have a BBQ or picnic available, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy in this National park, as well as walking the dog in some beautiful surroundings. Again dogs are welcome but guidelines need to be read before taking the dog into the park.


So why not let your canine pal enjoy a holiday and change of scenery with you this summer or Easter by choosing a dog friendly self-catering holiday accommodation in Ireland. If you do choose to stay near one of these amazing National parks make sure you read the National park guidelines for taking your dog into the park before setting out.